Kids triathlon: Kids of Steel – Kinder aus Stahl – Barn av Stål

Join Tony’s coaching’s own kids and youth triathlon club:
Kids of Steel – Kinder aus Stahl – Barn av Stål
The club runs triathlon training for kids and youth in blocks of 8 weeks.
Each block will target different age groups, and different skills..
Depending on block it has 1-4 sessions per week. (Less for younger kids, more for older youth)
Focus is much on having fun, and discover triathlon for the younger kids to a more competitive edge for the older kids.
Next block will start in April 2018:
Current group is beginner, intermediate 8-12 year old
Biweekly training on evenings. 
One night will be Swim and Run focus. Bring swim gear (including kick-board) and run gear.
One night will be Bike and Run focus. Bring bike gear (including bike and helmet) and run gear.
Can swim 25m freestyle without any aid 
Can handle a bike (break, turn, stop, start). Bike and helmet are mandatory equipment.